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Magestic Waterfowl

We are a dedicated group of w​aterfowl breeders 

whose aim is Promoting the breeding & exhibition 

of Waterfowl in N​SW

We welcome waterfowl fanciers to our friendly Association

You can reach us via the following contact details:

 E: | Facebook: 

Save the Date

We are all working tirelessly  behind the scenes to get ready for another ripper show . You don't want to miss it so put the date in your Calendar

Schedule is Now ready to download below 

“She  taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

Thankyou Rebeccah Johnstone

2023 Show Schedule

Our 2023 Show is on the 13th May At Goulburn Showground NSW. Click on the Duck below to view, download or print the schedule 

Australian Standard Waterfowl breeds

There are 23 duck and 10 Geese breeds in the Australian Poultry Standard 2nd edition.

Learn a little about their history 

Photo Gallery and show results

Our show is an event not to be missed held yearly on the second weekend in May  in Goulburn NSW. Take a look at some or our amzing photo's taken by the amazing 

Cathy Newton

Learn More >

4 Tips For New Duck Owners

Get To Know Everything About Your Ducks


Ducklings can drown in water dish's. Always be sure that they are able to get out


Don't feed chicken or turkey grower to young ducks as it's too high in protein. Use a lower protein ration


Waterfowl should have access to clean water at all times


Don't run too many drakes with your ducks, this can result in injury  to the ducks and can even result in drowning 

Acquiring Pure Bred Birds

If you looking to acquire some pure bred waterfowl our best advice is to research the breeds first and know what your looking at .We have seen some very interesting adverts for birds that state they are a certain breed when clearly they are not. Take your time to talk to reputable breeders . Most waterfowl enthusiasts have birds on offer after breeding season .Even if they have no show quality birds they will have excess breeding stock that will give you a good starting foundation.

Shows are held yearly on the second weekend in May at Goulburn Showground NSW

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